The way our clients do business has changed significantly over the years, but the offerings of traditional accounting practices haven’t. We wanted to do something about that.

Prime Partners was established in 2006 to be a forward-thinking practice that offered a total financial solution, in line with the expectations of modern business owners. We recognised that for our clients to succeed, they needed smarter business advisory services. 

‘Smarter ways to financial success’ is therefore a philosophy that guides our approach – using intelligent, creative and practical ideas. Our diverse training and experience allows us to see different points of view and tailor bespoke strategies for business performance, wealth creation and risk mitigation, and tax and compliance. 

Partnerships are only truly successful when they are based on trust, respect and a mutual determination.

Prime  Partners
Our Office

Level 4, 1 James Place
North Sydney NSW 2060



Company values and culture

We consider culture first, then skill.

They don’t have to look and feel like everybody else here. We like uniqueness but we want them to be able to co-operate with the team and see the larger picture. Incredibly flexible, it’s a performance culture with a reasonable lifestyle.

We let people work in the way that they want to work. 

We believe that for a partnership to be truly successful it must be based on trust, respect and a mutual determination to achieve a great outcome

This firm has a passion for learning. We are constantly sharing new books, new ideas, new articles and we want to hire people who are going to fit into that culture of wanting to improve themselves.

We want people who want to develop themselves. We don’t want to hand-hold people. We will help them, but we want to hire people who know how to help themselves.

We want people who are interested. 


People genuinely want to come to work here. (As the boss I am biased in saying that!). But I have tried to get really honest feedback, and it is that we have a really good culture here. 

We don’t watch the clock, which is a very strange thing for an accounting firm, and we don’t do time sheets. People come in at the time that suits them. We have a morning meeting at 9.15; when most people are in, and plan the day. We do this to see if there are any opportunities to collaborate with other team members. 

There’s normally a coffee-run in the morning and a ping pong table so people get up and have a game every now and again. People do things at their own pace and will leave when they want to as well.

Now that is not to say you come in and work a three-hour day and that is all that you do. There is an expectation to get the work done. We don’t micro-manage. You get it done when you can get it done and if you do it super-quickly then good on you. As long as it’s accurate. We're not about rewarding people for sitting around the office for a long time, or for tenure of employment.

If you are good at your job you will be promoted.

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