4 reasons people love insurance brokers 

  • Tim Neary | December 12, 2019
4 reasons people love insurance brokers

Why do people use an insurance broker? What a good question to ask when considering your next career move. Here are 4  reasons people turn to insurance brokers in their times of need.  

1. They have their backs  

Insurance brokers work for the client who engages them. 


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“This means that the insurance broker is literally on the side of the client and working for the client.” 

An insurance broker has expertise in specific industries, and people are willing to engage professionals that fully represent their best interests. 

2. They know everything 

Insurance brokers know the ins and outs of the different insurance products, says Advisr. 

“Insurance brokers are experts in insurance,” it adds. 

“It is the job of an insurance broker to know the details of what is included and excluded in various insurance products. This intimate insurance knowledge enables insurance brokers to know what will best align with a client’s needs and requirements.” 

3. They navigate stormy waters  

Insurance brokers understand the insurance claims process and can help clients navigate it.

“Making an insurance claim can be a daunting task. At claim time, having an insurance broker to help navigate the path is a great benefit.”

4. They clear landmines  

Insurance brokers can help clients identify and mitigate risk in your business

Spending all day thinking about risk identification and mitigation across myriad clients, gives an insurance broker a unique perspective,” advises Advisr.

“Insurance brokers are well placed to help manage risk within your business. Often they can suggest process improvements and business changes that can both reduce the likelihood and severity of an insurable event occurring.”


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