What the top Australian business leaders read every day – and why

  • Tim Neary | September 19, 2019
Voracious reader of books and podcast listner

 Business leaders' requirements differ but the one thing they all need is market intelligence, says director at LMS Advisory Alexander Stephen Laureti, which is why he is a voracious reader and podcast listener.  

Mr Laureti says that his clients are the main beneficiaries of his knowledge gathering pursuits.

“We need to know what's going on in their business so that they know what threats might be out there that's coming up in one, or two, or three months, or by the same token, what opportunities they are.”


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He says he gets his information from a wide range of sources.

“I found all the different Momentum publications are all pretty much essential reading. I read them every day. I generally read everything that’s happening in the Australian markets. 

“Even though that might take an hour of my time per day I think it's important, because I can't think of a week that's gone by that I haven't forwarded something to someone and said ‘Here's a threat…’ or ‘Here's an opportunity...’ or ‘Did you hear about this?’ 

“Because of my interactions with the clients; I might talk to 30 people in the week and they're all interested in different things, but I might find something in common or something to share with all of them.” 

Mr Laureti says he also listens to podcasts.

“My first entry into it was the Tim Ferris podcast. Not for the four-hour work week but he did interviews with a lot of famous people, and he developed a way of asking questions that got to what their successes were. I like the conversational ones where people are interviewed and it's not just straight business principles, but it' getting a little bit behind the scenes and finding the story behind.

“I also listen to The Mentor with Mark Bouris and all of the Momentum ones as well. I listen to a range of things. It might not be a business podcast, but the general interviews that they have you might have a business guest or you might even have people who have nothing with business who are telling their story that hits somewhere.”

Mr Laureti says reading extensively has always been part of his repertoire.

“I went from school to university where there was reading, to straight into professional development, to having multiple licenses where you needed to have 30 hours per year of CPD as well.

“Effectively I was always reading something and it just got to a point where there was never a gap. There was always something that I wanted to fill with knowledge.”

Mr Laureti says general news is not excluded either. 

“I think that that's important in terms of where accountants can differentiate themselves, especially the younger accountants. [I like] learning from others who've already been there and done that, whether it's biographies or business books."  

He says he is often able to share anecdotes and stories with clients.

“You don't know where you've got the information from but you've got something that could be that spark or something that says this is a good business principle you should apply to your business.”