5 characteristics of all great insurance brokers

  • Tim Neary | December 13, 2019
5 characteristics of all great insurance brokers

Great insurance brokers put their clients' needs first and have solid knowledge of the different insurance policies and coverage available. Here are 5 characteristics that move good brokers to being great brokers.

1. 360 comms skills

Insurance agents must have good communication skills to get their customers buy the right coverage and understand policies, says Chron.  

“Work activities also involve negotiating with others, resolving conflicts, and communicating with the public or government,” it adds. 


“Successful insurance agents explain how policies can help solve their customer's problem or a potential problem. Customers may be more likely to purchase products that provide them with peace of mind.” 

2. Active listening 

Insurance agents can acquire useful information by being a good listener. 

“Active listening is an essential skill for insurance sales agents. Customers are more appreciative of insurance agents who follow-up on their calls, answer their questions, and make sure their problem is solved. Building rapport and trust are positive side effects of being a good listener.”

3. Build credibility

“During the initial appointment, successful insurance agents establish their credentials as an expert in the industry,” says Chron.

“If appointments are conducted at the insurance agent's office, awards and certificates of accomplishment may be shown to promote credibility.”

4. Keep busy 

Insurance agents looking for new leads are always on the move - from lunch with a client to a meeting with a prospect. 

“They are expected to sell new policies, renew expiring ones and find new customers. One of the best ways to stay organized and increase productivity is to take advantage of the many mobile apps specifically for insurance agents.”

5. Believe 

Chron says the great insurance brokers show confidence and believe in their own abilities to be “highly successful”. 

It adds: “The insurance business brings a lot of rejection, so it is imperative that the agent truly believes in their product.”